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    Kastoria is in the north-west part of Greece. An International Airport is about 9km away from the city of Kastoria.There are three direct flights from Athens to Kastoria per week. The easiest way to arrive to Kastoria from Athens is to fly to Thessaloniki and then access Kastoria by regular bus service or by taxi. At present, buses from Thessaloniki to Kastoria leave at 7:30, at 10:00 and every two hours thereafter ending with the last bus at 20:00. 
    In case you want to come to Kastoria from Athens directly, you may choose to either fly (we do not recommend it for a number of reasons) or to take the bus from the Athens KTEL Station. There are three busses coming to Kastoria every day departing at 7:45, 15:00 and 20:30. The distance is 520 Km and is approximately an eight-hour ride.
    The Bus station telephones are the following:

    1. 2467083455 (Kastoria bus station)
    2. 2310595440 (Thessaloniki bus station)

    The code for greece is 001