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    Computer-Mediated Public Participation
    Scientific Coordinator: Professor Prodromos Yannas
    Duration: May 2012 – December 2015

    Budget: 100.000 €

    Brief Description

    The internet has given a new impetus to political participation, especially in advanced democratic states. This research project is divided into three thematic work packages. The first area deals with the contribution of e-government to e-democracy research. Website analysis with special emphasis on the interactive features will be conducted and a website evaluation scheme of e-government will be refined to meet the demands of e-democracy projects. The second area deals with e-deliberation. A total of four deliberative polls (two conventional and two online) will be conducted on two issues and the comparison will yield results on how different communicative settings may affect the political behavior of participants. The third research focus concentrates on the use of Web2.0 inelectoral political campaigns inGreeceandCyprusat both the national and the local level. Moreover, the use of the internet by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and social movements will also be investigated in off-election periods


    Under EPEAEK II, the Department of Public Relations and Communication of the TEI of Western Macedonia submitted a proposal for the program Archimedes II. The proposal entitled “Political Communication and Political Marketing in the Digital Age” received a very good evaluation and was funded 80.000 Euros for the period 2005-2007 from the E.U and the Greek Government. The Program employs approximately thirty researchers who have been chosen to contribute to the following areas of investigation:

    1. Theoretical approaches to political communication and Political Marketing
    2. Development of Campaign Strategies and Management of Media Relations
    3. Politics and the Internet
    4. Conduct and Analysis of Public Opinion Polls.